Summer is one of my absolute favorite seasons. Waking up in the morning before sunrise with a fresh cup of coffee will never be more fabulous! I find myself preparing for these few months of pure bliss during the unfortunately long, cold, and strenuous ones. Life is more vibrant, colors seem a little brighter, and I live for that pep in my step hot weather brings me. This summer will definitely be one to remember! So lets slay the game this summer with on point outfits, snazzy shoes, and unforgettable style. These are just some of my personal favorite trends for summer 2018!

~Paper Bag Shorts~

Dress it up or dress it down! These shorts can easily be paired with tennis shoes or high fashion booties. The best part is how comfortable they are. Not going to lie sometimes I forget I’m even wearing them all together (that’s between us lol). They also cinch the waist perfectly, which gives you that sought after hourglass look! Check them out my loves and I swear you’ll fall in love. 

~Anything Off the Shoulder~

In my opinion the most beautiful part of a woman is her décolletage. Im the type of girl who is very proud of my collar bones, so I am for sure going to show them off and I think you should too! There are so many different types and styles of off the shoulder garments, from coats to dresses and sweaters to T-shirts. Making it super easy to incorporate into your 2018 summer wardrobe.

~Slingback Heel~

I have been seeing this heel literally everywhere lately. At first I wasn’t sure if I liked it but after trying a few pairs on I have fallen in love. They are the perfect heel for summer! The closed toe with an open back allows your feet to keep cool without compromising aesthetic and functionality. I know most employers do not allow their workers to wear open toed anything to work. Making this stylish heel a great option for the working woman. Especially here in NYC where it can get extremely humid and muy calor!

~Denim! Denim! Denim!~

This is a material that can be used season after season and it will NEVER go out of style. Denim looks good in the winter, fall, spring, but it is especially stylish during the summer! Denim can be made into an infinite amount of things. Just like with dating, there is something denim out there for everyone. My personal favorite way to wear denim in the summer is having an oversized jacket or rolled up mom jeans. Just think of a 90’s Calvin Klein super model and try to emulate their style. They knew how to make denim look expensive and couture.  

~Chokers Are Back~

Finally lets talk about chokers! I believe they can always make any stylish outfit look even better. This philosophy has not failed me yet, just call me the choker queen. I swear anytime I put one on it makes my neck look so much longer and I absolutely live for it. Just a word to the wise, do not try applying a choker with acrylic nails! Unless you are a seasoned professional I would not recommend. You will be late for whatever you have planned and you might just release a blood curdling scream in the process. If you want to take your summer outfit to the next level I highly recommend investing in some chokers because they are cute af!

You’re welcome and love always,

Dayton Sims for NYCHIC ❤ 

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