Many times I’ve found myself lying awake at night thinking about how far I’ve come in my life. How the past seems so distant yet something I still hold so close. It’s crazy how life can work out so perfectly but it takes great pain and loss to understand its true beauty. Never would I have ever believed, having grown up in Missoula, Montana, that one day I would be a confident young woman living on the upper east side in New York City with a wonderful job in the fashion industry. I’ve achieved so many things in my life and I have yet to even scratch the surface of what I’m truly capable of. I can sincerely say for the first time in my existence I am happy. I’m happy with my soul, my body, my mind, the woman, daughter, and sister I’ve become. I’ve faced so much adversity in my twenty-two years on this earth. From bullying, insecurities, identity issues, anxiety, depression, broken family, and always feeling like the person I am doesn’t align with the person society told me I was. I want to share with you how I became a happier more authentic person, the battles I’ve faced and how I overcame them. This is my journey to happiness, a mind space I never thought I would exist in but I’m so grateful I’m finally here. Continue reading “HOW I FOUND HAPPINESS”


I have to start by saying this exhibit took my breath away. Every turn, every glance, and every step I took was pure enchantment. I have been wanting to go see the Heavenly Bodies exhibit ever since the night of the 2018 MET gala. That night had some fire ensembles and I had to see if the exhibit served looks like the stars did. Finally one day very recently I decided to go, what I saw I will simply never forget. Continue reading “HEAVENLY BODIES: FASHION AND THE CATHOLIC IMAGINATION!”


Summer is one of my absolute favorite seasons. Waking up in the morning before sunrise with a fresh cup of coffee will never be more fabulous! I find myself preparing for these few months of pure bliss during the unfortunately long, cold, and strenuous ones. Life is more vibrant, colors seem a little brighter, and I live for that pep in my step hot weather brings me. This summer will definitely be one to remember! So lets slay the game this summer with on point outfits, snazzy shoes, and unforgettable style. These are just some of my personal favorite trends for summer 2018!

Continue reading “SUMMER 2018 FASHION TRENDS IM HERE FOR!”