Many times I’ve found myself lying awake at night thinking about how far I’ve come in my life. How the past seems so distant yet something I still hold so close. It’s crazy how life can work out so perfectly but it takes great pain and loss to understand its true beauty. Never would I have ever believed, having grown up in Missoula, Montana, that one day I would be a confident young woman living on the upper east side in New York City with a wonderful job in the fashion industry. I’ve achieved so many things in my life and I have yet to even scratch the surface of what I’m truly capable of. I can sincerely say for the first time in my existence I am happy. I’m happy with my soul, my body, my mind, the woman, daughter, and sister I’ve become. I’ve faced so much adversity in my twenty-two years on this earth. From bullying, insecurities, identity issues, anxiety, depression, broken family, and always feeling like the person I am doesn’t align with the person society told me I was. I want to share with you how I became a happier more authentic person, the battles I’ve faced and how I overcame them. This is my journey to happiness, a mind space I never thought I would exist in but I’m so grateful I’m finally here. Continue reading “HOW I FOUND HAPPINESS”